TAG Heuer Mens Formula 1 Watch – The Most Affordable Luxury Watches on the Market

By om20 September 22, 2017 luxury watches

TAG Heuer Mens Formula 1 review

The TAG Heuer Men’s Formula 1 watch is the only watch for anyone loving every minute of life. This rugged, aggressively bold watch looks and feels like it can stand up to any obstacle that comes its way, whether you’re climbing rocks or jet skiing, you know it’ll keep ticking. The Great news for those looking to purchase the TAG Formula 1 – its currently on sale at Amazon for over $350 OFF through this link. Supplies are limited, so hurry!

The stainless steel band, with a fold over clasp and additional safety, means the thought of losing it never even crosses your mind. The red watch face makes a statement no one can ignore, and luminescent hands and hour ticks at five minute intervals keep people checking it out even when it’s dark. I’m never surprised when I get compliments on this watch; there’s just no way not to notice it.

The dial is covered with scratch resistant sapphire and the watch is water resistant for up to over 600 feet. So when I went hiking to a lake with my girlfriend, I didn’t need to take it off and store it while climbing rough terrain or for the swim we enjoyed afterwards. It was one less thing to have to think about, and I liked that a lot–it let me focus on my girlfriend.

Three sub dials, including a stopwatch, take precision timing to a whole other level and make this watch more than just a way to keep time. Unlike most watches, the date is under the four o’clock marker, which I find to be much easier to read than the traditional three o’clock position.

I’m not normally one for celebrity endorsements, but after having this watch and wearing it every day for the past three months I wasn’t surprised when I found out it’s the watch worn by Fernando Alonso, a Formula One champion who races for McLaren Mercedes. It certainly feels like it stand up to the kind of wrecks those guys get in to.

There are multiple versions of TAG :

And since it’s a TAG, the brand name speaks for itself—I never worry about mechanical issues cropping up or that it’s not telling me the right time. If you enjoy the outdoors and lead an active lifestyle like I do, this watch is definitely worth the investment.

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